Nylon Washers

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Plastic washers
Plastic washers are used primarily where there is a likelihood of corrosion of a metal part due to rubbing between two metal elements. An important reason for using washers is to reduce the noise during vibration of bolts, nuts and washers.

Polyamide washers
Polyamide washers have lubricating properties, so there is no such characteristic squeak as with metal joints. As a manufacturer of washers, we recommend using polyamide washers, especially in structures consisting of bolted moving parts. Another important advantage is the possibility of twisting the finished product with the use of a polyamide washer made of a type of plastic resistant to high temperatures of 220 degrees, thanks to which the elements can be completely inserted into the powder furnace and apply a varnish coating. Such washers are marked – polyamide round washer / dimension / PA66. The use of such washers is mainly used in the furniture accessories industry, and more precisely in couch lifts.

The plastic washer can also protect the materials to be joined from being damaged by tightening them tightly. In such a case, washers made of soft material, such as polyethylene, should be used – their designation is round plastic / dimension / PE washers. Application especially in structures consisting of bolted moving parts.

Plastic washers and their properties:
Polyamide washers are characterized by high stiffness, durability and mechanical strength. They are impact resistant and their abrasion resistance is lower than in metal counterparts.
Polyamide washers provide an additional barrier separating two metal elements from each other. They eliminate the risk of damage to the coating of metal elements during screwing and subsequent use, thanks to which there is no corrosion center.
Plastic washers, thanks to their resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation, ensure trouble-free operation of the finished product for years.
Plastic washers are characterized by high chemical resistance to oils, fats, greases and gasoline, which makes them more durable equivalents of metal washers.

Teflon washers
The last variety of plastic washers are Teflon washers made of very high-quality plastic, thanks to which we achieve washers with an extremely lubricious and high-temperature-resistant surface.

Benefits of using Nylon Washers
  • Material: PA6 POLYAMIDE also called NYLON
  • high resistance to abrasion and temperature of 180 ° C,
  • resistant to oils, greases, fuels, moisture,
  • Provides element insulation.


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