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Rectangular Plastic Box Section, Plastic Bungs, Hole Inserts, and Cover Caps

At Trebork, we supply quality rectangle plastic tube inserts in different colours, shapes, and sizes right across the UK

Plastic End Caps for Steel Tubing

Here at Trebork, our rectangular plastic end caps and tube inserts are on of our most popular items in stock and are available in a variety of shapes and colours. We supply injection-moulded plastic end caps which are specifically designed for steel tubing.
Our rectangle plastic end caps come in black, grey, and white with sizes varying from 10x20mm to 100x150mm.
Whatever the purpose, our online range of plastic bungs and inserts are made from the highest quality materials from trusted manufacturers. The plastic end plugs for rectangular tubing are available flat, pyramid.

Quality Guaranteed

The plugs we sell are made from polyethylene which offers universal appeal and a number of application possibilities. Polyethylene is known for its low abrasion and resistance to corrosion from environmental stress. It’s also got high dimensional stability at low temperatures, good chemical resistance, low water absorption and is resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation.

A Variety of Uses

Our rectangular plastic end caps have been designed and tested to accommodate steel profile structures, steel tubing, pipes, and box sections, hollow section, tubes, chair legs, chair foot, bench foot, fencing systems, some machines and devices, workshop furniture, playground equipment and other elements of garden architecture. They are used in the furniture, machinery, electrical engineering and construction industries.
So, if you’re looking for quality rectangular plastic end caps and inserts, choose Trebork for all your accessory needs. We are based in Stoke-on-Trent but deliver our quality products right across the UK.

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