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Plastic Furniture Feet for Indoor & Outdoor/Garden Furniture

At Trebork, we supply high-quality plastic furniture feet for indoor/outdoor furniture right across the UK

Plastic Furniture Feet

Here at Trebork, we supply quality furniture accessories to assist the production and maintenance of furniture nationwide. Whether you’re a business looking to produce high quality furniture with materials from trusted manufacturers, or someone looking for spare or replacement parts for your furniture set, you’ve come to the right place.
Our selection of plastic furniture feet is an extremely popular section of our online range. The plastic end caps and inserts that we supply for furniture are available in a variety of shapes and colours. We supply injection-moulded plastic end caps which are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor/garden furniture.

A Huge Selection

Our plastic furniture feet come in black, grey, and white colour finishes, and we stock a wide variety of shapes and sizes including:
• Chrome Plated Plastic End Caps
• Domed Round Plastic End Caps
• Half-Domed Plastic End Caps
• Oblong Plastic End Caps
• Plastic Covers for Nuts and Bolts
• Rectangular, Round, and Square Tube Inserts
• Rubber Chair, Stool, and Table Leg Feet
• Round Plastic Hole Plugs

Quality Guaranteed

The plugs we sell are made from polyethylene which is designed to stay as part of your furniture for years with little wear and tear. Polyethylene is known for its low abrasion and resistance to corrosion from environmental stress.
It’s also got high dimensional stability at low temperatures, good chemical resistance, low water absorption and is resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation. This makes it the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor furniture.
So, if you’re looking for quality plastic furniture feet for your business or domestic use, choose Trebork for all your accessory needs. We are based in Stoke-on-Trent but deliver our quality products right across the UK.

FREE deliveries on all orders over £25 to the UK Mainland.

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