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Most Popular Sizes in Rectangular Plastic End Caps

The most popular sizes for rectangle plugs blanking inserts are 25x15mm, 40x20mm, 40x25mm, 50x25mm, 50x30m, 60x30mm, 60x40mm, 70x35mm, 80x30mm and 80x40mm. They are used in the manufacture of chairs and as replacements for broken ones. The plugs are made of polyethylene LDPE (plastic). They are characterized by low abrasion, high stability at low temperatures, and very good chemical resistance. They are resistant to UV rays. Polyethylene has good electrical insulating properties. Rectangular blanking plugs are widely used in structures made of steel profiles such as:
rectangular profiles
rectangular tubes
box sections
They are called plastic end caps, plastic bungs and even plastic blanking inserts.
They are used in the furniture industry, machines and devices, elements of equipment for children’s playgrounds.
Standard colors: black, gray and white

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